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Amsoil Engine Oil for Toyota Prius & Aqua Hybrid Vehicles

amsoil engine oil

Popular Hybrid Vehicles

While choosing Amsoil engine oil for Toyota Prius, Aqua and Honda Vezel, please note that Amsoil is the best engine oil available in the world. The sheer stability and Thermal degradation is least in both the Signature series and the XL series of Amsoil.

  • Aqua
  • Prius
  • Alpha
  • Toyota Model C (Aqua)

amsoil engine oil

Hybrid Engines

1NZ-FXE 1.5Ltr

2ZR-FXE 1.8Ltr

What is a Hybrid / Toyota Synergy Drive system ?

Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system divided in 5 main components

1. A Petrol Engine.

2.Electricity generator.

3.Power control unit / Inverter .

4.Power Split device.

5.Motor / generator.

Synergy drive system explained

The synergy drive system is a very intelligent system that provides extreme fuel efficiency by combining the power from the engine and also converting the kinetic energy (also called regenerative braking) produced during braking and storing it in batteries. It is capable of adopting itself to different driving conditions.

The system also allows longer oil drain intervals as most of the time engine is at a static RPM. It is recommend for Prius and Aqua to have an oil change with factory specified engine oils. Wrong use of oil will cause early catalytic failure, wear out of piston rings or oil consumption problems. We recommend to fill the hybrid cars with very high quality engine oils to achieve maximum benefit from a hybrid vehicle.

Oil Drain Interval (ODI) or OCI

Amsoil Engine oil for Toyota Prius is a good quality oil can be easily run for around 12,000KM in Pakistan if the environment is not dusty, air filter is clean and oil filter is genuine or Japanese as a minimum standard. Usually cars running on motorways and highways can achieve this. The city start & stop conditions deplete the engine oil at a very fast speed however high quality oils like Amsoil or Genuine Toyota are available at and can be delivered Nationwide.

Flushing of old engine oil

Amsoil Engine Flush has proven to be an excellent product. Its very gentle and does the job. It leaves a deep cleansing effect on the transmission as well as the engine internals. More about Amsoil Flush can be found by clicking at this link.

Amsoil engine oil and Transmission Flush (FLSH) helps restore fuel economy, increase operating efficiency and reduce emissions in gasoline, diesel engines, and automatic transmissions. It is potent, detergent-based formula cleans sludge and deposit build-up, promoting reduce oil consumption. AMSOIL Engine and Transmission Flush is safe on parts and can be easily disposed of with waste oil.

amsoil engine oil

Unlike many flush products, AMSOIL engine oil and Transmission Flush features a multi-use formulation that dissolves and disperses sludge, varnish and deposits in both engines and automatic transmissions. Due to its detergent-based formulation, it easily disposed of with waste oil, making it more user-friendly. Amsoil Engine oil for Toyota Prius can used for both Aqua and Honda Vezel hybrid.

amsoil engine oil

Shear Stability

Shear Stability is a measure of the resistance of an oil to change in viscosity, caused by the oil being subjected to mechanical stress or shear. The result of this mechanical stress is a reduction in viscosity, or thinning. So an already thin oil will be subject to more shear. The oils viscosity vary inversely with the rate of shear to which they have been subjected to, that is, as the rate of shear increases, the viscosity of the oil decreases.

A lubricant’s ability to withstand shear, its shear stability, is an important consideration when selecting a synthetic lubricant. Once a lubricant shears, it quickly loses viscosity, leading to a lower temperature operating window. This results in accelerated equipment wear, excessive oil consumption, increased downtime, money spent on maintenance and repairs and, ultimately, equipment failure.

Multigrade engine oils, high Viscosity Index (HVI) Hydraulic fluids and certain gear oils are usually formulated using Polymeric thickeners (Viscosity Index Improvers) to give better Viscosity Index characteristics. As the viscosity index improver itself is also subjected to shear, both permanent and temporary loss of viscosity can occur. Viscosity decreases as long as the shear stress is maintained and in the case of temporary loss, the oil returns towards its original value as the shear stress is reduced.

In the case of permanent viscosity loss, shear stress causes breaking or shearing of the Polymer molecules resulting in destruction of the Polymeric viscosity index improver. User can experience high engine knock, loss of power and catalytic meltdown due to extremely high exhaust temperatures.

Factory recommendations

0W-20 For regular use

5w-30 Baseline for extreme temperatures

It is clearly mentioned in the manual that 15w-40 / 20w-50 or any other higher viscosity engine oil may cause starting problems. In Pakistan most of these oils are not API/SN grade or resource conserving and cause blockage of catalytic converters.

Groups of Engine Oils

Life of engine oil depends from which group is its base oil coming from, anything fully synthetic (Group IV & Group V) can be ran easily for 10,000Km but only with a high quality Oil filter which can be replaced around 5000KM if the conditions met are dusty. If you are changing it completely before or around 5000KM, you are doing injustice to your pocket, environment and resources. Worldwide testing figures / sampling of old engine oil of Toyota Hybrid vehicles running Mobil1 0w-20 has shown the oil to be perfectly fine at 12000KM – 16000KM. Running it around the 10,000KM mark is very safe.

Best Amsoil Engine Oil

best engine oilbest engine oilbest engine oil

Permanent solution for catalytic converters for Aqua, Prius, Prado, Land cruisers

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