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Honda Vezel and Fit Dual Clutch Transmission

Honda Vezel Dual Clutch Transmission Replacement Services in Islamabad

Honda Dual Clutch Transmission Problems In Pakistan

When Honda first announced about dual clutch transmission (DCT) in its hybrid cars, it sounded like Honda was either late into the competition or maybe it was following a perfectionist approach before launching it. But later it was found that dual clutch transmissions are nightmare specifically the one in Hybrid Honda Vezel. Keeping that in regard Honda recalled for over 80K cars for either a software update or replacement in honda dual clutch.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has issued a voluntary recall for the all-new Honda Fit Hybrid and Honda Vezel Hybrid vehicles manufactured in Japan between July 2013 and February 2014 due to a problem with the software programme controlling the 7-speed dual clutch transmission (DCT), which could result in non-engagement of gears, a delay in starting the vehicle, or the vehicle not moving at all.

The DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) had seven speeds. Dual clutch transmissions (DCT) use two clutches to change gears: one for odd-numbered gears and the other for even-numbered gears. The basic inter-gear arrangement reduces power loss, improves fuel efficiency, and provides a quick reaction and direct acceleration sensation. The odd and even axes are parallel in the Sport Hybrid-iDCD, and the unit’s length is reduced by a planetary first gear. The compact high-output motor fits inside the gearbox housing.

Honda Dual Clutch Replacement Services In Islamabad, Pakistan also offers Honda Vezel dual clutch replacement service in Islamabad. If you currently own Honda Vezel with dual clutch transmission (DCT) problems then consider as a preferred choice for Honda Vezel dual clutch replacement services in Islamabad, Pakistan. There is no need for you to drive a faulty vehicle. Our professionals can open, fix and calibrate any Honda vezel and Honda Fit models. Give us a call now for the best of Honda Vezel and Toyota Prius Hybrid Auto repair services in Islamabad.

When we see this error, in Pakistan we normally advise stopping the vehicle and letting the engine cool down. Then go to the hybrid vehicle expert and check the vehicle transmission oil, and change the dual clutch oil immediately. Otherwise, the Dual Clutch will be out of order and you will have to tow your car, which will cost you.

Dual Clutch Transmission Advantages

Dual clutch transmission (DCT) is an advanced type of transmission system that offers several advantages over traditional manual and automatic transmissions. Here are some of the advantages of dual-clutch transmission:

  1. Faster gear changes: One of the biggest advantages of DCT is that it can shift gears faster than a traditional manual or automatic transmission. This is because DCT uses two clutches to pre-select the next gear, which allows for almost instantaneous gear changes.
  2. Better fuel efficiency: DCT can deliver better fuel efficiency compared to a traditional automatic transmission because it can shift gears more quickly and smoothly. This allows the engine to operate more efficiently, resulting in better fuel economy.
  3. Improved performance: DCT can improve the overall performance of a vehicle by allowing for faster and smoother gear changes. This can result in quicker acceleration and better handling.
  4. Smoother driving experience: DCT can provide a smoother driving experience compared to a traditional manual transmission because there is no need to use a clutch pedal to shift gears.
  5. More control: DCT provides more control over gear changes compared to a traditional automatic transmission because it allows the driver to select gears manually using paddle shifters or a gear selector.
  6. Durability: DCT is generally more durable than a traditional automatic transmission because it uses fewer components and there is less wear and tear on the transmission.
  7. Versatility: DCT can be used in a wide range of vehicles, from sports cars to SUVs, because it offers the benefits of both manual and automatic transmissions.

Tips for Honda Vezel/Shuttle/Freed/Fit Hybrid Maintenance offers top-quality Honda Vezel maintenance services in Islamabad Pakistan. To fulfill the requirements of those Honda Vezel owners who left up with no warranty or grace period to cover services.

Honda Vezel Dual Clutch Actuator fluid Flush and replace @ every 40,000 km

Because the clutch actuator works twice as hard, it is preferable to change at these intervals based on local driving circumstances. In addition, moisture has accumulated. Before the modification, the fluid boiling points were read and recorded. The overheated clutch fluid seeping from the actuator circuit is shown in the image below. Deposits are also formed as a result of the clutch wearing out as a result of hard driving.

Vezel Transmission fluid DW-1 @ every 30,000 km

Because of the temperature buildup in the transmission and heat transfer from the dual-clutch assembly during heavy traffic, it’s best to replace at recommended intervals. HCA services are performed using our genuine calibration software. This enables smoother shifts and improves life of a gearbox.

Flush and replace brake fluid @ every 60,000 km

A fresh fluid change can save you money on brake part replacements and maintenance. Because braking systems equipped with ABS, VSA, EPB, and connected with the Honda Sensing system. This will also ensure that the internal hydraulic moving parts are in good working order, increasing the system’s dependability. We also recommend to change the ABS system fluid earlier even if car has remained parked for longer durations.

Honda Dual Clutch Replacement Services in Islamabad Pakistan Honda Dual Clutch Replacement Services in Islamabad Pakistan Honda vezel and Honda fit dual clutch transmission problems in Pakistan Honda Vezel Maintenance