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automatic transmission

Automatic Transmission

It’s a type of multi-speed transmission that doesn’t require the driver to change forward gears in regular driving scenarios. A planetary gearset, hydraulic controls, and a torque converter make up the system. Since the early 1900s, the first automatic gearbox, which was more like a semi-automatic transmission because it still featured a clutch, has existed in some form. The fluid is pushed out of the pump at a rapid rate, which causes the turbine to spin. The fluid circulates independently in the two portions and via the stator. The turbine is linked to the shaft, which is linked to the rest of the system, and energy is then transmitted to the gear system.
The driver just needs to choose from the usual P-R-N-D-L options on the gear selector, despite the fact that the activity behind the scenes is fairly intricate. The benefit is, of course, a more straightforward driving experience and a more gradual learning curve. Mechanical complexity is a trade-off for driving simplicity, making the automatic more prone to malfunction and more expensive to repair.

An automatic transmission is also called auto, self-shifting transmission and AT. Is a type of motor vehicle transmission that can automatically change gear ratios as the vehicle moves and freeing the driver from having to shift gears manually. Like other transmission systems on vehicles, it allows an internal combustion engine best suited to run at a relatively high rotational speed so it provides a range of speed and torque outputs necessary for travel. For Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) read below.

In Automatic transmissions the average service interval is almost 40,000KM. It is also advisable to have the shift points re-calibrated after the replenishment of fluid. Some automatic transmissions having CVT and WS fluids can run lifetime. However the ATF can get burned if excessively used and may require an earlier change if the use is heavy duty, highway in extreme temperatures specially for Honda Civics lacking the ATF cooler / warmer in some models.

The obvious advantage of an automatic transmission to the driver is the lack of a clutch pedal and manual shift pattern in normal driving.

Advantages of AT

  1. The main advantage of automatic transmissions is that they are simply convenient and easy to use.
  2. They provide comfortable driving for the driver and passengers.
  3. ATs naturally have more power than any equivalent manual transmission.

Disadvantages of AT

  1. It is a complex system where many different items can fail.
  2. Very expensive to main and repair compared to manual transmission.

A continuously variable transmission (CVT) is also known as a shiftless transmission. It is an automatic transmission that can change seamlessly through a continuous range of effective gear ratios. This contrasts with other mechanical transmissions that offer a fixed number of gear ratios. The flexibility of a CVT with suitable control may allow the input shaft to maintain a constant angular velocity even as the output speed varies.

Use right ATF fluid for your transmission

It is also pertinent to note that all automatic transmission cars use ATF fluid further segregated into CVT, CVTF, Nissanmatic, Mitsubishi J1/J2/J4 , HMMF, Multimatic etc. ATF III also have some special fluids designed by manufacturers such as Toyota TIV, Mitsubishi Diaqueen SPIII, Honda DW1 etc.

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