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Engine Replacement Service

Honda & Toyota Engine Replacement Service

Hybrid Engines Replacement

We offer top quality engine replacement and rebuild service to our customers. For newer engines it is recommended to opt for engine replacement altogether. This keeps the cars reliability and performance intact. We have complete range of engines for Honda Toyota and Most hybrid vehicles. Customers are requested to book for the service before bringing the car because we try to give dedicated time.

Toyota Prius and Toyota Aqua vehicles start consuming lots of oil due to usage of non genuine and wrong grade of oils. We have also noticed that some people excessively use Engine flush (at every oil change) which is not recommended. We also have an inventory of Amsoil Signature series and top USA brand oil for our customers.

Due to the nature of Prius we start and stop the engine quite frequently. This action heat cycles the engine oil and causes the additives in the oil to wear out faster. When the additives are depleted the oil breaks down and leaves carbon, sludge and other deposits. This junk gets caught up in oil passages and embeds itself on piston ring lands. This is one of the reasons of early engine failure in Toyota Prius.

We also keep complete range of Toyota CVT, Toyota WS, Honda ATF DW-1, Honda HCF-2, Honda Multimatic HMMF, Liqui Moly and Nissan Lubes.

We also have complete range of Amsoil Lubricants at our garage. Amsoil is number 1 oil in the world. Amsoil has the longest oil drain interval with best performance. Remaps for all vehicles and Adblue problems call us. We also chip tune hybrid cars and we can also re program the engine power conversion torque algorithm

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