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Honda Civic Turbo 1.5 FC6 REMAP

honda civic turbo

Honda Civic Turbo 1.5 REMAP

Honda Civic Turbo remap is based on the new Civic designed on the all-new Honda compact global platform.

It utilizes higher grade steel, the unit body is 68 lb (31 kg) lighter than the prior model and the center of gravity has been reduced 0.6 in (15 mm). The sedan’s wheelbase is 1.2 in (30 mm) longer with rear disc brakes made standard. To minimize noise and vibration the Civic adds fluid-filled suspension bushings. This model comes with a dual pinion steering system introduced along with a thicker and more rigid 1.2 in (30 mm) diameter steering column for improved steering feel; additionally, the steering gear ratio is variable, with 2.2 turns lock-to-lock compared to 3.1 turns lock-to-lock from the previous model.

The exterior features standard LED DRLs and C-shaped LED taillights.

ecm 3d map

Pakistani variant

Civic Turbo 1.5 has a known history of engine knocking. Users also complaint of delays in shifts due to lag in drive by wire technology. We at have designed a software REMAP. This REMAP of ECM is both a factory upgrade and a custom map for the Pakistani fuel.

After REMAP of the Honda Civic Turbo 1.5 the vehicle shows better throttle response and quicker acceleration in start stop situations. We have already upgraded many Honda Civic Turbo 1.5 and the Honda Civic 1.8 tenth generation models successfully. The upgrade is also reversible. We can also speed limit the vehicle for safety of kids on demand of parents. We have also successfully remapped Toyota vehicles. can send you a pre-programmed ECU for a plug and play experience anywhere in Pakistan. The tune options can be selected by the customer from 6PSI to a 9PSI boost. We have complete range of Headers, Exhausts and Intake kits for the civic Turbo. Please note that the ECM,s can be either of following. We have a complete range of New ECM,s at our hands.

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